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Asbestos Removal

An example of a custom built enclosure used for the removal of Notifiable asbestos products

Asbestos Removal is the process of safely removing asbestos in accordance with Health & Safety Executive Regulations and Guidelines. As a licensed asbestos contractor, AAS Ltd have the skills and expertise to ensure that any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are removed in a safe and correct manner.

Asbestos Removal may be required in any building constructed between 1930 and 2000 as asbestos was widely used in building construction during these year. Some types of asbestos (such as asbestos insulation board and flock) are extremely hazardous to health and the dismantling and removal of asbestos containing products should only be carried out by a licensed, professional company.

Asbestos containing waste must be disposed of correctly by a licensed waste carrier. It’s not always easy to spot hidden asbestos in areas that you don’t realise, and as asbestos ages it may degrade into more friable asbestos. The transportation and disposal of asbestos containing materials and is also a regulated activity.


Skilled Asbestos Operatives

With a highly experienced, multi-skilled workforce and access to high-performance specialist plant such as high-reach excavators and hydraulic platforms, no project is beyond our scope.

Our experience and extensive knowledge of asbestos removal enables us to offer a rapid and effective response should previously hidden asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) or other hazardous or regulated materials become evident in the course of a project. All Operatives employed by us are trained to a very high standard and all hold current Asbestos Operative or Supervisor Training Certificates.

In addition, our Managerial Staff carry out annual Asbestos Managers training and our Surveyors holds the relevant P402 Certification.


Working with you for any Asbestos Removal Requirements

Absolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd provides can assure you that the services, products and people we provide are accredited for safety and quality and experts in minimising environmental impact.

We treat every contract on an individual basis and you can rest assured of our attention to details throughout. From large scale contracts to household asbestos garage removal, we have the expertise to advise on any asbestos removal project.

We are committed to the recycling and reuse of recovered materials. We segregate potentially reclaimable, salvageable and recyclable materials – plant and equipment, metals, timber, glass, building materials, crushed concrete risings – to maximise their potential for re-use and value to you and minimise landfill.


Notifiable and Non-Notifiable Asbestos Removal

As a licensed asbestos contractor we are able to carry out both notifiable and non-notifiable asbestos products.

Notifiable asbestos products are those which can only be removed with prior notification to the Health & Safety Executive, usually 14 days prior to works commencing (there are some exceptions to this rule). These products include Asbestos Insulating Board and limpet.

Non-notifiable products are those which can be removed without notifying the Health & Safety Executive such as asbestos cement.


Asbestos Removal isn’t always Necessary

It’s not always necessary to remove asbestos containing materials. Sometimes it may be most cost effective and safer to carry out asbestos encapsulation to manage asbestos in situ.

Asbestos encapsulation can be carried out instead of removal using specialist paints and materials to create a barrier to the outside atmosphere.

As a result of the successful implementation of the zero accident philosophy across the trade industry Absolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd identify with this benchmark the necessity in removing accidents from the work place. Within our organization, employees build on the zero accident philosophy, proactively addressing potential hazards before losses can occur. The zero accident philosophy has proven to not only enhance employee safety and well-being, but also to increase morale, productivity, and work quality, and to decrease accident-related expenditures during asbestos removal.