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Professional Asbestos Contractors

Any size of project, from large-scale commercial to private home

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Asbestos Surveys

We provide by Management and R&D Surveys

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Testing & Sampling

We carry out mobile testing of any suspected asbestos containing material

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Land Remediation

Land remediation deals with the removal and ongoing management of pollution or contaminants from soil

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Fully Licensed

A full range of asbestos removal, testing and surveying services

Asbestos Removal

With a highly experienced, multi-skilled workforce and access to high-performance specialist plant such as high-reach excavators and hydraulic platforms, no project is beyond our scope.

Asbestos Surveys

We provide both R&D and Management Asbestos Surveys for Commercial and Domestic clients

Asbestos Testing

Found a material you suspect may contain asbestos? We provide a mobile asbestos sampling service with prices starting at just £50+vat

Land Remediation

Absolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd are experts in land remediation and offer a full range of services from initial review to on-going management controls.

Competitive Pricing

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  • Asbestos Sampling

  • from £50+VAT
  • Mobile Service
  • Results within 5 working days
  • £15+VAT per additional sample (if taken at the same time)
  • All major debit and credit cards accepted
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  • Asbestos Surveys

  • from £200+VAT
  • Management and R&D Surveys
  • Full written report provided
  • P.402 Qualified Surveyor
  • Commercial or Residential properties
  • Free quotations provided
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  • Asbestos Removals

  • from £190+VAT
  • Any type of asbestos removed
  • Licensed and Unlicensed work undertaken
  • RAMS provided free of charge (where required)
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What our customers say

A persistant 9.7 out of 10 score on Check-a-trade

“Made contact via email, very good, quick response to all my questions. Even rang a day early to let me take advantage of a cancellation. Excellent customer service.” Customer in Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex
"A top class service all round - I have no hesitation in recommending. Thanks.” Customer in Colchester, Essex
“Good, reliable, friendly fast service, good price.” Customer in Romford, Essex

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Ashley’s Absolute Charity Blog : Fund Raising for St Helena Hospice

Asbestos is well documented to be linked to cancers such as mesothelioma. As a result, our Contracts Manager Ashley Jones has already raised thousands for charities, such a £3037 in 2015 for Cancer R[...]

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Can I take Asbestos to my local Tip or Recycling Centre?

Many Local Authorities are very strict about taking asbestos waste at recycling centres (tips), due to the hazards associated with it. You should contact your Local Authority for more information as s[...]

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Demolition boss imprisoned after exposing staff to asbestos in a cost-cutting exercise

David Briggs, 74, was sent to prison for 24 months by Manchester Magistrates court after being found guilty of exposing works to asbestos during the demolition of the former Oakbank Training Centre in[...]

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Thieves may have exposed themselves to asbestos during Essex burglary

Thieves have been warned of the dangers of asbestos, after they may have exposed themselves to asbestos fibres during an overnight burglary at an Essex company. The burglars broke into the warehouse o[...]

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Is Asbestos still a risk in the UK?

Although asbestos was banned for use in new products and construction in the UK in 1999 it still remains in many building across the country to date. So, the question is: is asbestos still a risk in t[...]

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Buying a House with Asbestos Ceilings? What you need to know

Mention the word asbestos and people are understandably concerned, and buying a house with asbestos ceilings can also be a worry. More and more mortgage lenders are insisting on asbestos surveys being[...]

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The Importance of Employing a Licensed Asbestos Contractor

Confidence that the correct asbestos removal procedures are being followed. licensed asbestos companies adhere to a strict process when removing, handling and disposing of asbestos. Their staff will b[...]

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Are you managing asbestos correctly?

Managed correctly Asbestos Containing Materials provide no health risk. However, if not managed correctly there is a risk that people could be exposed to asbestos fibres which can lead to diseases suc[...]

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Can I bury asbestos in my garden?

Burying asbestos in your garden can be very dangerous, especially to unsuspecting people who may dig up the soil at a later date. While there may be no specific law preventing someone from burying asb[...]

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DIY and Asbestos – are you at risk?

Thousands of DIY enthusiasts are unnecessarily exposing themselves to asbestos without realising, despite the dangers of asbestos being promoted heavily for the past 10 years by government organisatio[...]

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